Monday, 28 July 2014

Meet Sassy

Sassy was found wondering around one of our feral cat colonies.
  It was obvious that she was someone's pet,
 so she was rescued and taken in to the vet for a checkup.
No, I am not sticking my tongue out at YOU!
What's better than getting a tummy rub and brushing all at the same time!

Her Foster Mum has this to say about her:
I love her dearly, she is wonderful.  I think she would make a great pet for an older person. She is very, and I mean VERY affectionate. She requires attention and enjoys it.  She does get along well with my dogs, and by get along, I mean she decides when she wants to interact with them. She would not tolerate a dog that harassed her. 
Ok, you can sleep next to me - just stay on your side!

She likes people, lounging around and a being pet. She also likes to sleep on my pillow at night as close to me as she can be. 

We estimate that Sassy is middle aged.
Although her Foster Mom loves her, we are looking for a permanent home for her.
If you are the lucky home she can be yours for free.

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