Sunday, 13 July 2014

What Miney and Meenie have been up to......

Remember us??  Miney and Meenie??  
As much as we love our foster Mom and Dad, 
we would still love to move in with you!

Our Foster Mom and Dad wanted to share what we have been up to!

Meenie and Miney share a lot of moments of complicity and affection. They groom each other, leap at each other to entice the other to play and sometimes sleep together.  However, we also have some individual moments with each one and we have a different relationship with each of them.  The both bring to our home their different particularities! It is easy to live in harmony with them.  They are litter trained and we have never had any problem regarding that.  They are kind and let us take them easily into our arms.  


Meenie : He likes to have company.  He is close to his brother and calls him sometimes to play.  He also likes our company and especially me (as Mummy, I am the one who feeds them more and who is at home the most).  He often asks me to cuddle and pet him and he purrs to show me that he likes it.  He is also the more talkative but not too much . He has his moment of craziness so he runs and jumps just for the fun!  He is very cute and loving!

Miney :  He is definitely the brave one!  He likes to be cuddled and welcomes us by rolling on the ground.  He is also curious and likes to look through our windows at what is happening in the street.  If you want to know what's going on in our neighborhood, just ask him! He also loves keeping an eye on the birds!  Last week we discovered he was a formidable fly hunter! 

As you can see, we are a couple of charming fellows. 
 We are available, at no adoption fee, to the right home.
As we love each other so much, we are really hoping to be adopted together.
If you would like us to move in with you, please contact us at Spay Neuter Kingston Initiative  

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