Sunday, 5 October 2014

Looking for 'PRINCE' Charming

Prince is one of our colony cats, who we recently took into foster care

 Getting a thorough check up from vet clinic friends

He has already been neutered, vaccinated, treated with Advantage and has
been 'ear tipped' signifying his life in his previous home as a cared for colony kitty!
  He is currently in foster care and is available for adoption.
His Foster Mom has plenty of wonderful things to say about him:

Prince is a very lovely, talkative boy.  He loves to cuddle, head butt, purr and play.  If Prince isn't getting enough love, he will meow to get your attention!  He loves treats and uses his litterbox like a gentleman!  He is very interested in other cats, however hasn't "met" any.  He is probably about 3 years old, he is neutered and has been vaccinated and dewormed.
 If you are looking for Prince Charming, he is your fellow!

For more information, please contact us at  Spay Neuter Kingston Initiative

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Looking for some love?

If you are looking for some love, boy have we got a pair for you!
Introducing......Sally Mae and Dash
Sally Mae
Sally Mae is the mama cat who has had 4 kittens.  Dash is her baby and they are both ready for adoption.  Sally Mae's other babies are not quite ready for a new home, but we will feature them as soon as we can!
Their foster mom tells us a little about them: 

'As a group - Very gentle and calm none; have used their claws on me, ever. All welcome affection, Sally Mae and Dash actually come to me and are very demonstrative (rub, lick, purr, and occasional very gentle love bite which Sally finds amusing)

Dash Riprock is a real dude. He is strong, healthy and ready to play at a moments notice. From the second day of coming into the house he was splayed on his back sleeping. He is most amusing, handsome and very loving. Loves toys and engaging with others (cats, people, even dogs). He is has the odd sip of his mom's milk but it only lasts a minute and off he goes again to find the next adventure.

Sally Mae was my first friend. She is what I call a KTC cat (kicked to the curb). It became obvious that she had been someone's companion but now was left to fend for herself, and the kits in her belly. I started feeding her and it took a long time for her to trust me enough to let me touch her and then to show me her now born kittens (they were already over 8 weeks when they became public). She is an excellent, protective mama and although I could have taken her in much sooner, I could not take a chance of abandoning the kittens whom she hid very well.
Sally Mae

She is such a gracious, loving, calm and well tempered cat. She is very happy to be inside with two of her four kittens (working on getting the other two - very soon I hope) She is very social and every time I visit in their room, she is underfoot, swirling about, telling me how happy she is to see me.
Sally is very special for many reasons. One being - physically she is a beauty in a very muted way. Soft gray tabby, but I believe she has some Siamese or other Asian influence - she is tiny, a triangle shaped head and almond eyes - almost Abyssinian but not quite. She deserves nothing but the best for the rest of her many days. She looks 6 months old but is older than that.'

If you can offer a loving home to Sally Mae or Dash, please contact us at:

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Volunteer 'Thank You' BBQ

No organization can survive without the countless time and effort
 of its volunteers!
SNKI is no different, so what better way to thank everyone
 than to have a vegetarian BBQ!

The afternoon got underway with 'homegrown' talent serenading us!
Sunshine and cool breezes made for a perfect gathering

We were even treated to a visit with one of our host's rescued colony cats
Her 'tipped' ear is a giveaway to her roots - what a lucky girl
The Board of Directors is introduced to the volunteers!
A colony caretaker is overcome with gratitude
 by the donation of food for her charges!

 Time to get down to the chow - the vegetarian 'groaning board' was delicious!

The afternoon culminated in a scrumptious cake!

Friday, 8 August 2014

Adorable kittens, just for you!

If you are looking to share some of your love with a purr machine, have we got some kitties for you!

Captain is the largest and the leader of the group.  He likes to be the boss and seems to think that all the toys are for his exclusive use.  When his sisters take the toys away from him, he’s like a dog – he’ll follow them until they drop it and then he’ll grab the toy and run away.  He’s been known to pick up the toys in his mouth and walk all around with it in his mouth, almost like he’s daring the girls to take it away from him.  He can chase the others around so much that he will start to pant!

Captain loves attention and will purr the moment you pick him up.  He likes to be held, but if something is going on around him, he wants to get down and get into the middle of it.  Captain loves to give nose rubs but you have to be careful you don’t trip over him when he starts to wrap himself around your legs. 

She was named because of the softness of her fur!  She is so soft, and loves to be petted, as well as get belly scratches.  Peaches is a big girl and looks like she is part Maine Coon with the fur tufts in her ears and the big paws.  Peaches loves to play and will carry the toys around in her mouth.  She will growl at her siblings to let them know she has a toy, but she has never shown any aggression towards them, other than the growling.   She loves to play with her siblings and chase each other around the house.

Like her brother, pick her up and she immediately starts to purr.  Peaches will let you hold only a little bit, she would rather be down playing.

Boots is very small as he had a bad case of worms which has now cleared up.  He is starting to gain weight and hopefully be at normal size shortly.   At times Boots would rather be held and petted than eat or play.  At other times, all he wants to do is eat!  Like his siblings, he loves to play with the toys and chase his siblings around the house.

Boots tends to prefer dry kibble to the wet cat food.  He is also a very quiet cat.  You can see his mouth move, but barely a sound will come out, unless he really wants your attention and then you can hear him.
Suzie is the runt of the litter but definitely likes her food and treats.  She will push her way in to get what she wants.  If she isn’t watched, she could become overweight very easily!

Suzie is still a little timid but will let you hold her and be petted and get the ear scratches.  At times, she doesn’t want to be picked up and will hide under things so you can’t get her. She still needs a little more time before going to her furrever home, but will be available for adoption soon.

Spunky needs a lot more work – She has only been able to be held without a towel once and for only about 4-5 minutes.  She has started to join her siblings running around the house, but any movement towards her and she runs to her safe zone upstairs.  She likes her treats but needs to have them given to her separately as her siblings will push her out of the way to get them and she will let them.  You have to keep the siblings occupied while Spunky eats her treats to ensure that she gets them.  We will let you know when Spunky is ready for you to take home!

It takes a lot of time and effort from our Foster families to socialize kittens coming from our colonies.  They will not be put up for adoption until they are ready to a part of your family.

If you would like to make any of our cuties a part of you family, please contact us at:

Monday, 4 August 2014

Introducing Riley and Mandy

Meet a couple of cuties; Mandy and Riley.
They both came from one of our feral cat colonies.
They were scruffy and scared!
Mandy hiding


They are now in foster care and their personalities are starting to shine!

Riley loves to cuddle and will come to you seeking attention.  He is a complete lap cat and very inquisitive.  Such a friendly fellow, he is a real purr machine.  He never stops purring.


Mandy also likes attention but is a little more shy when it comes to people.  Once you start to give her attention, she opens up.  She is still a little bashful but will sometimes seek attention on her own. She is also very inquisitive and quite playful.


Riley and Mandy

What a difference a little love makes!

If you are interested in adopting either of these cuddly bundles,
 please contact us at:

Friday, 1 August 2014

Azami and Izumi

IZUMI and AZAMI were born in one of our SNKI cat colonies. They were fed every day by the colony caretaker and thank to her efforts, they started to get confidence being with humans. When they were two and half months old, they were trapped by some volunteers, allowing them to be fostered until they could find a family of their own.


Their Foster Mom has some wonderful things to say about them:

AZAMI (female, 3months)
AZAMI is a touching and lovely kitty. She can be reserved at first, but once she gets her confidence, she reveals her affectionate nature.
It is a real gift to have her trust! 

During her calm moments, or in the morning we are in bed, she likes to come close to us to be cuddled; she lets us know by purring and gazing at us with her adorable look!  She also loves the companionship of the adult cats that we are also fostering.

She will be a great companion for another cat, as well as being very playful. Adopt AZAMI, as she will bring joy, kindness and beauty to your life!

IZUMI (male, 3 months)
IZUMI is a beautiful kitty. When you gain his confidence, he is playful and so adorable.

He is so affectionate, he could spend a whole afternoon on your knees to be cuddled while showing you his belly and purring. It’s very hard to resist him!

IZUMI is also a kitty who likes his food and to get some, he can be creative: he tries to charm you by his soft mewing and his irresistible look.

Furthermore, he appreciates the companionship of other cats. Let yourself be charmed by this beautiful Prince who will bring joy and love into your home!

To adopt these beauties, please contact us at:  Spay Neuter Kingston Initiative

Monday, 28 July 2014

Meet Sassy

Sassy was found wondering around one of our feral cat colonies.
  It was obvious that she was someone's pet,
 so she was rescued and taken in to the vet for a checkup.
No, I am not sticking my tongue out at YOU!
What's better than getting a tummy rub and brushing all at the same time!

Her Foster Mum has this to say about her:
I love her dearly, she is wonderful.  I think she would make a great pet for an older person. She is very, and I mean VERY affectionate. She requires attention and enjoys it.  She does get along well with my dogs, and by get along, I mean she decides when she wants to interact with them. She would not tolerate a dog that harassed her. 
Ok, you can sleep next to me - just stay on your side!

She likes people, lounging around and a being pet. She also likes to sleep on my pillow at night as close to me as she can be. 

We estimate that Sassy is middle aged.
Although her Foster Mom loves her, we are looking for a permanent home for her.
If you are the lucky home she can be yours for free.