Saturday, 13 September 2014

Looking for some love?

If you are looking for some love, boy have we got a pair for you!
Introducing......Sally Mae and Dash
Sally Mae
Sally Mae is the mama cat who has had 4 kittens.  Dash is her baby and they are both ready for adoption.  Sally Mae's other babies are not quite ready for a new home, but we will feature them as soon as we can!
Their foster mom tells us a little about them: 

'As a group - Very gentle and calm none; have used their claws on me, ever. All welcome affection, Sally Mae and Dash actually come to me and are very demonstrative (rub, lick, purr, and occasional very gentle love bite which Sally finds amusing)

Dash Riprock is a real dude. He is strong, healthy and ready to play at a moments notice. From the second day of coming into the house he was splayed on his back sleeping. He is most amusing, handsome and very loving. Loves toys and engaging with others (cats, people, even dogs). He is has the odd sip of his mom's milk but it only lasts a minute and off he goes again to find the next adventure.

Sally Mae was my first friend. She is what I call a KTC cat (kicked to the curb). It became obvious that she had been someone's companion but now was left to fend for herself, and the kits in her belly. I started feeding her and it took a long time for her to trust me enough to let me touch her and then to show me her now born kittens (they were already over 8 weeks when they became public). She is an excellent, protective mama and although I could have taken her in much sooner, I could not take a chance of abandoning the kittens whom she hid very well.
Sally Mae

She is such a gracious, loving, calm and well tempered cat. She is very happy to be inside with two of her four kittens (working on getting the other two - very soon I hope) She is very social and every time I visit in their room, she is underfoot, swirling about, telling me how happy she is to see me.
Sally is very special for many reasons. One being - physically she is a beauty in a very muted way. Soft gray tabby, but I believe she has some Siamese or other Asian influence - she is tiny, a triangle shaped head and almond eyes - almost Abyssinian but not quite. She deserves nothing but the best for the rest of her many days. She looks 6 months old but is older than that.'

If you can offer a loving home to Sally Mae or Dash, please contact us at:

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