Friday, 1 August 2014

Azami and Izumi

IZUMI and AZAMI were born in one of our SNKI cat colonies. They were fed every day by the colony caretaker and thank to her efforts, they started to get confidence being with humans. When they were two and half months old, they were trapped by some volunteers, allowing them to be fostered until they could find a family of their own.


Their Foster Mom has some wonderful things to say about them:

AZAMI (female, 3months)
AZAMI is a touching and lovely kitty. She can be reserved at first, but once she gets her confidence, she reveals her affectionate nature.
It is a real gift to have her trust! 

During her calm moments, or in the morning we are in bed, she likes to come close to us to be cuddled; she lets us know by purring and gazing at us with her adorable look!  She also loves the companionship of the adult cats that we are also fostering.

She will be a great companion for another cat, as well as being very playful. Adopt AZAMI, as she will bring joy, kindness and beauty to your life!

IZUMI (male, 3 months)
IZUMI is a beautiful kitty. When you gain his confidence, he is playful and so adorable.

He is so affectionate, he could spend a whole afternoon on your knees to be cuddled while showing you his belly and purring. It’s very hard to resist him!

IZUMI is also a kitty who likes his food and to get some, he can be creative: he tries to charm you by his soft mewing and his irresistible look.

Furthermore, he appreciates the companionship of other cats. Let yourself be charmed by this beautiful Prince who will bring joy and love into your home!

To adopt these beauties, please contact us at:  Spay Neuter Kingston Initiative

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