Friday, 16 May 2014

We have a home, yipee!

Niko and Tessa have gone to their 'furrever' home and their new Mom sent us an update!

"We have been cat owners for 37 years, and when my last older cat passed away, I knew we just had to have more kitties in our lives.  We are so happy to give them a home.

They are getting on fine here. We kept them in a small bedroom for a few days, just so they would feel secure.  They love looking out the windows at the birds.

After 2 days, we let them out to explore. Tessa is definitely the brave one, inspecting every corner, and table top!

Niko is shyer, but his curiosity always gets the better of him, and he follows Tessa.  If there is a sudden noise, (my husbands lay-z-boy chair squeaks!) he skitters back into the 'safe' bedroom, but re-emerges fairly quickly in case he misses out on something!  Both love to play, especially chasing each other up and down the stairs.

They get lots of pats, and we get purrs all around.  They now roam freely through out the house during the day and will go back on their own to their quiet room when they want an afternoon nap.   We still put them back in the bedroom at night, just until I get a better feel for how much trouble they can get into ha ha  :)"

Hugs to LR and family for taking Tessa and Niko into their hearts and home!

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