Tuesday, 29 April 2014

3 more kittens looking for homes

We have 3 more playful kittens needing homes.  Their adoption fee is also waived.  They are:
"Eenie", "Meenie" and "Miney"

They are all from the same litter, 2 males and 1 female, and are now 8 months old.

Their foster Mom reports:  "They are very social, friendly , happy , well behaved cats. They are so very easygoing, and get along great with all other cats, as well as each other and the children.  They are the best behaved cats I have ever had the pleasure of spending time with."

At this time, we have no photos, but will re-post when they are taken.

Niko and Tessa are still waiting patiently (as much as kittens can) to have someone call then their 'baby'.

This what their foster Mom has to say:
'At 11 months, I'm proud of Niko and Tessa who are now much more confident with strangers. They often come to them. Now, they are more curious than afraid (they are still a little shy). They are also playfull, Tessa likes to play with my hair elastics and Niko with his ball. It's funny, we can reconize that Niko is a male and Tessa is a female because of what they like. They love also the toys which were a gift from a friend. Concerning the food, Tessa is more gourmand than Niko but they have their preferences. They don't eat some wet food and I try to know which one they like and which one they don't (I think they prefer the fish but I am not sure)'.

 Here are a few videos of them to entice you to make them part of your family.  

Niko: He loves to play fetch!  (maybe he is dog and doesn't know it)

Tessa and Niko:  (Tessa on the right, Niko on the left)

If you would like more, information, check out our ad on KIJIJI


  1. It's good that you can do this but would be great for those with low incomes to be able to get their pets spayed/neutered at no cost.

    1. The primary goal of Spay Neuter Kingston Initiative is to facilitate the opening of a high-volume, reduced cost, spay/neuter clinic open to all members of the public regardless of demographics or monetary income.

      The Kingston Humane Society has a long-running SNAP (Spay Neuter Assistance Program) for low-income individuals. The City of Kingston has recently implemented a voucher system ($25,000 budgeted in 2014 - $100.00 vouchers) to assist low-income individuals spay/neuter their pets. This is a three year program.

      The citizens of Kingston - particularly low-income individuals - have a unique opportunity to show the City of Kingston that there is an overwhelming need for this type of assistance and that it is wanted. The voucher system is a good start. Will we ever see "no cost" for low-income individuals - who knows - but you won't get what you don't ask for.......